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When it comes to parties, glass is a four-letter word

So you have your Lambo.

You have your Mercy.

Totally me.

You have it all…but you still have your studio apartment with the kitchen that’s made for ants. And tough for you, your friends are people and not ants.


On top of that, you still want to be a social butterfly and spread your wings. You still want to be able to have your people friends (not ant friends) over for a drink, a meal, a good time, etc. etc.

I feel you.

I hear you.


I am watching see you.


I am downloading your browser history.


One party dilemma you will always need to deal with when short on space (and probably a dishwasher)? Glassware.

As my great great Uncle Andy once said, “One’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party.”

Uncle Andy loved a good pizza party

Uncle Andy loved a good pizza party

For company and crowds, I recommend you bring out your finest Baccarat/Riedel/Schott Zwiesel/Señor Frogs-branded stemware and delight in the clinks of actual glass whilst you make toasts to the merriments of your friendship. But when it comes to actual parties, I embrace landfill friendly recyclable disposable cup.

You could only provide one real glass per guest but, I mean, who wants their Chateau Merlot mixed with remnants of Freixenet mixed with remnants of Ciroc Coconut & Agua? I’ll tell you who. No one. That’s why I recommend disposable cups. No dishes, no breakage, no problems.


Many of you may have thought your disposable days were behind you after you received your diploma proclaiming you a Bachelor of the Universe (or Science, or Arts, or whatever). That life from there on out was going to be all Murano glass goblets and Swarovski crystal carafes…

But you see child, real glassware takes up a lot of space when entertaining and due to people’s propensity to abandon cups mid-drink or move from fino sherry to beer to wine to liquor to liqueur in one evening, you are pretty much guaranteed to find little abandoned glasses and orphaned little glass shards littering your precious slivers of available counter space before the clock strikes eleventy.

Don’t fret though, there are some great options now for those who plan in advance or wash their disposable cups and reuse them every time instead of running to your bodega a la minute.

Monogrammed! The preferred choice of pearl-wearers everywhere.

Foam is a personal favorite. Also great for coffee.

I wouldn’t recommend talking to whoever writes “What’s your sign” on their cup. Sounds like a forceable toucher if you ask me.

They don’t match… they go together.

Hipster cups.

For me, I must admit there is a sleek, modernity (or lack thereof) to the classic red Solo Cup and for that reason it is my party cup of choice.

An American Classic

An American Classic

Personally, I insist on the real thing when flying Solo. In fact, I have been known to go to three separate CVSs just to avoid buying their private label “Solo-style” cups.

Now, I’m going to say something rather bold, but I do believe that the red Solo Cup might be the little black dress of the everyday entertainer. You should always have one ready to go.

That is all.

Till latro, I bid adieu.